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Tele di Marmo

The Tele di Marmo collection is a tribute to one of the most beautiful, noble and durable materials, suitable for embellishing spaces with elegance and architectural strength.
Emilceramica's design came from the idea of reinterpreting in contemporary key a material of timeless charm: marble, through an unconventional choice of sizes, finishes and decorative elements.
Four different natural and semi-polished marbles find their highest expression in the sizes of the large slabs, where the vein patterning becomes the absolute star. The fluid trends, colour shades and nuances in step with the different veins make the Tele di Marmo fully-fledged works of art.

The surfaces are innovative, offering alternative installations of the marble slab portions: for example, the “seminato di tessere” or the “battuto di listelli”, created by carefully laying tiny dots or rectangular marble strips in mortar. The effect obtained consists of the most modern, unusual and dynamic surfaces.
One particular detail is the surface of the marble slats combined between them. This solution is able to minimise the more classical aspect of marble, thus creating environments with great aesthetical impact.
A versatile collection that offers to the designer an infinite series of solutions by way of designs, sizes, colours and decorative possibilities, giving life and form to tailor-made architectural projects


Statuario Michelangelo
Breccia Braque
Frappuccino Pollock
Calacatta Renoir






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Complementi Lappati Lucidi

Battuto di Listelli
Seminato di Tessere




Mosaico 5X5


Mosaico 3X3

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Losanghe XL


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A surface that is velvet-smooth to the touch but has all the resistance and anti-slip properties needed for use in any residential and commercial context.



A finish obtained by surface honing that does not affect the product’s technical characteristics but enhances its appearance by giving added depth and shine. Especially suitable for floor and wall coverings in residential contexts or where traffic levels are normal.

L OBAG a cm x Multicolore Borsa W City 11x31x40 Mano H Classic Vulcano x Donna q717ran
Shopper WES0952 Speed MY LOVER Borsa Shirt ANTIQUE Nera 7Fw4fE

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